Creating and planning the perfect event is stressful. Let Unique Events of Hampton Roads create an event that is stress free and unforgettable.

Unique Events of Hampton Roads, LLC is a licensed, full-service event planning and design company for weddings and events. We've catered to private events of 25 to large public events over 4,000 and everything in between. Weddings, Corporate Events, Parties, Family Functions~ we've done it all. Get in touch and let us help you with your upcoming special event.

Unique Events of Hampton Roads is very detail oriented, in all aspects,  especially communication. We are 1 of the only very few event planner that meets and communicates with every single vendor you hire. That's the secret to our success, seems simple right? Well it doesn't typically happen. How do we know? We've been told,


"Wow, no other event planner has contacted me before the wedding!" 


It's our job to ensure your wedding is executed in the way you have dreamed, how could we not reach out to all your vendors prior to. We're not only creating a relationship with you and your fiancé, but your vendors as well if you have already hired a few before you hire us. We also have a very exclusive network of vendors that we work with should you need recommendations.


Relationships are                                          and that's our secret to our success with our clients over the years, and how we ensure our clients get what they deserve. Imagine you hired 2 vendors who had an issue with one another? You didn't know? Who is going to deal with that or ensure your day runs smoothly? You want to hire someone you not only trust, but has great communicate and relationship skills. Your event will consists of several vendors and you need someone to leverage the relationships to ensure your day is absolutely                                !


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