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...and then, there was CAKE!

Couples! Now after you've hired your planner, put a deposit down on your venue and hired a caterer, what's next? Well, a ton of things- but I like to throw cake in with the top 5. It's just as important as the food honestly. I mean, seriously! Imagine having a good time at a wedding, 3 hours in and it's just about time for cake!?! Everyone waits for cake. Cake is the powerful sign that tells guests, "hey! this party is almost over- but first try our awesome and amazing cake for before you go." And 99% of guests, say, yes please!

So this was 'OUR' wedding cake, way back in 2009. This cake was amazing! It was yellow butter with almond (mmmm mmmm). This cake was made by a sweet woman, Ms. Joy from her in-home bakery called Taste of Heaven, LLC. and boy was it! So you know how you're supposed to save the top for your 1 year anniversary? It didn't last a year, it was SO good.

Now, back to my point. Don't just order a cake because it might be the most popular in the area, go sit down and do a cake cutting! Please! Don't ever hire a bakery without trying the cake first. And I highly recommend the bakery bake an actual cake for you to taste, NOT CUPCAKES!

Why? You might ask? Because the consistency and flavor in a cupcake vs. a cake can be different, based on the bakers skill level. Trust me on this. I had a client who did just this, and while the cake was beautiful on the outside when I took my first bite. I politely put my fork down and pushed my plate back. It was terrible! Dry, no flavor, and not sweet! It was a horrible batch as if baker baker didn't try it before the beautiful was sent it out the door? Shame on them. Now I won't name this bakery- because hey that's not cool, but I just want you to take this just as seriously as you do a caterer. Pay for the cake tasting if you must in order to get an actual 1 layer cake to taste- I beg of you!

When you're selecting a caterer, you're tasting everything that you plan to have on the menu right? Yes, the same should be considered for cake, especially if you plan to offer different cake flavor options. I can't tell you how many weddings I've been to and the truth teller of how good or bad the cake was, is how much cake was left on the table. And there's been a few. Don't go craze on the flavors either. You might like yellow pineapple cake, but what about your guests? They're the ones who are going to eat it, or waste it. So be sure to keep that in mind as well. Seriously Most are spending between $600-$1,500 on a cake, would you want to see half eaten cake on the table? Heavens no! You want to see your guests going back for a 2nd piece. That's the true sign of a good cake.

This cake was from a baby shower I coordinated and it was from the same in-home bakery- Taste of Heaven, LLC. I've actually been using Taste of Heaven for 99% of my cake orders. Why? Because every time they are sweet, moist and delicious! My kids birthday parties, my husband, my birthday, special events, gifts- you name it. From cupcakes to over the top tier cakes. Ms. Joy can do it all- and it all tastes great. She made a wedding cupcake tower for another client who was getting married (4 hours away) and a guest loved her cupcakes so much-he ate FOUR during the reception! If that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what else will.

Your guests will remember 3 things if nothing at all was the ceremony memorable? Food & Cake. Trust me it never fails, every single time, guests comment on the food as if I made it myself. Plus, my team and I see if any cake was left over on the tables during cleanup. I still talk about weddings where the food was terrible. Especially the cake. Look and if you fall in love with a venue because of the aesthetics, and they have an on-site caterer, I implore you- TRY THE FOOD, before you put down a deposit. I've been to some amazing and historical venues and the food was terrible. Also, ask how many weddings or functions they do in a day. This can also tell you about the quality of your wedding or special event if the caterer is in one location and can service multiple weddings in the same facility.

At the end of the day, I have a lot of great relationships with a lot different vendors and bakeries and honestly that is a huge benefit to hiring a planner. We know who is great and who is not so good. Rely on wedding planners as the experts-especially since if they've been in the industry for awhile. Ms. Joy from Taste of Heaven is honestly a friend of mine now- so I'm always happy to recommend her services. No one has ever been disappointed.

Well, that's enough cake talk for first thing in the morning. Cheers! Happy Planning- and make sure you have great cake, for your big day.

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