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Some of my FAVORITE things!

As I get ready to leave for my week long vacation with my family, which is one of the absolute most favorite things that I love: vacation and traveling. I thought I would be remised if I didn't share my favorite wedding things with my brides.

First let's start with Invitations. I love Minted Weddings Invitations. They use independent artists to design their invitations! How can your wedding invitations get more unique than that? The Have Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, RSVP cards, Placement cards, and even Digital Wedding Invitations. They have so much to offer and the quality is A+. You can choose from a variety of designs, paper thickness, glitter, foil, glam you name it they can do it. It's one of the reason why I'm partnered with them, not to mention their affordability! As a wedding planner pro- and a client of Unique Events of Hampton Roads you get a deeper discount than others. Be sure to use my promo code: WEDPLHAMPTONRDS when ordering. Don't forget to check out matching Menu Cards and Ceremony Cards, they honestly print everything!

My next favorite thing, for the budget conscious bride who doesn't want to spend a lot on invitations or may her invitations to be digital is CANVA. Canva is a great way to create your own personal design for Facebook posts, Instagram, creating posters, business cards, and yes Wedding Invitations. I would only recommend digital if the majority of your guests are tech savvy and it fits the theme of your wedding. For example: if your theme is a Vintage throwback, I would not recommend sending digital invitations. DId you forget to invite a few folks? Then digital it is my dear! Remember, invitations set the tone of your wedding. Not Canva savvy? Don't have the time? I can create it for you for a low fee.

Let's chat a little bit about wedding websites. Should you have one? Should you not? Honestly it's up to you, but I think wedding websites are a great way to deflect a ton of questions that may come your way. You've sent your invitations, your guests start booking their hotels and all of sudden the room block is full. Now what? Guests are calling, texting, emailing you for answers on what to do. This is only going to increase your wedding stress right? So let's get rid of all that. Get a wedding website started BEFORE you order your invitations. It's almost imperative to include your wedding website with your invitations so guest will KNOW where to go to have any and all questions answered. If you hired me for Full Service Wedding Coordination and you use MINTED Weddings for your Invitations this service is included FREE of charge. If not, I charge a flat-rate $100 for this service.

So I'm a huge fan of Shark Tank, do you watch shark tank too? If you remember a few years ago this concept was launched on shark tank, and I thought it was absolutely genius. The Bridal Buddy. To think you're having the time of your life in your big gorgeous princess gown and then, oops it's time to go. What do you do? How do you do it? Who's going to help you? It's bridal buddy to the rescue! Made of quality fabric that won't rip or tear. The bridal buddy is the single solution to assist you in the bathroom. Your bathroom bestie. How this invention did not arrive until 2015, I will never understand, but thankfully owner Heather saw the problem and created a solution. In four easy steps you too can be worry free when it's time to visit the bathroom. Also, what a cute and fun photo opp for years to come.

My next favorite thing is ETSY. I use Etsy for a plethora of things. It's is what I refer to as customization central. Handbags, T-shirts, Notebooks, Gifts, etc. anything you can think of to be customized, they have individuals who can do it. And do it Very well, I might add. What do I mainly use ETSY for? I love their wedding templates, customized name place cards and unique gifts, and a lot of my business personalization like our day of name badges. Let's start with wedding templates. There's a ton of fonts out there and how do you choose which one? Modern? Classic, or Over the top glamour?

Endless options and many to choose from. I pick the happy medium of classic and glamour. That way it can meet any of my client's wedding theme, design, etc. This includes, but is not limited to ceremony programs, menu reception cards, guestbook signage, and more. For customized gifts, they have cute bags, robes, mugs, monograms and anything else you would like to give your wedding party crew as a thank you for their support in your nuptials.

Overall, I love weddings and the endless options and possibilities of designing and creating a unique wedding. It's one of the main reasons I use Pinterest with my clients. My goal is have each wedding be a blank slate- something new and creative, it's why I don't bring examples of past wedding works to my initial meeting consults, that's what my website is for. So if you've hired me prior to designing you can be sure that given your inspiration and coupled with my obsession to do something different, you're wedding will be just like you want it. Original. Unique. Fun. Classy. Glamorous or any other characteristics you described to bring your vision to life.

Please visit Unique Events of Hampton Roads, for more information regarding event planning services.

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