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Yes! You need an event coordinator!

Planning a wedding? Event? Large Party? Yes, its all fun, and it's so exciting until the big day comes. You've planned out everything down to the last detail. Or so you thought. Imagine this. It's your wedding, you planned the ENTIRE event yourself. I mean, you're pretty good at planning little parties on soirees so how difficult could planning your wedding be? You used a wedding planning guidebook, but calmly skipped over the section of the event planner/coordinator. Oh it's fine, my good friend Betsy said she would facilitate and coordinate my wedding the day of.

Short Story Example

So the big day has finally come and everything is on schedule and planned out....until. The phone calls begin. Oh! the dreaded phone calls!?! The caterer is unable to get into the building, then the florist calls and says they are short 1 bridesmaid bouquet, but they are making it and sending it asap. The caterer calls to say the venue building is locked. Grandma Jo wants to know if she'll be sitting next to Uncle Tom or not. The DJ calls to say he doesn't have enough electrical outlets to setup..... Wait? why are the vendors not calling Betsy? She said she was going to take care of this for me? I mean it's my big day. Your stress level begins to build on an already stressful day. Where is Betsy? You call multiple times, she doesn't answer. An hour later she texts and says she's running behind. Running behind? But I'm scheduled to walk down the aisle in literally 20 minutes? She's not even here yet?!?

Image that? Or imagine something worse. You may feel like it's ok to have a good friend facilitate- but what experience do they have? Are they reliable, timely-can they minimize your stress the day of? Or will they just add to it? The important of having a day of coordinator is invaluable in my opinion, and I'm not just saying that because I'm an event coordinator. I'm saying it, because I've been there, it happened to me. It was an investment I didn't make and to this day I wish I had. Event Coordinators are essentially stress reducers for you on an already stressful day. The good ones, I mean the REALLY good ones know what' they're doing and how to respond to issues, essentially that's that you want. I like to make hiccups look like they never happened. That's a good coordinator. Things go wrong, there are hiccups, but with those hiccups don't you want someone else to handle it and figure it out?

The Solution

On such a big day you should walk down the aisle all glowing and smiling from ear to ear, ready to meet the 'love of your life'' at the end of the aisle with nothing else on your mind. At Unique Events of Hampton Roads we like to think as if we're your best friend(s) (because I always have an assistant with me for the day, we're your friends). The best friend that is reliable, the one that won't be late, that will be on time, and will handle any hiccups in your pre-planned day. The friend that won't want to drink or party during the reception, but will stick to the timeline of the scheduled events. The friend that will do so much more than any other vendor- in my humble opinion- and that's why I think we're invaluable. So hunt, search and talk to a few before making your final decision. There are many excellent event planners and coordinators out there and we are dedicated to helping you bring to light the wedding or event of your dreams.

Use our booking calendar and schedule a free consultation today! Let's talk about your upcoming event. We're happy to be your bestie for the day or if you need planning assistance we're happy to be your bestie for a little bit longer. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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