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You're Engaged! Now what?

Updated: Feb 15

Wow, it's nearly February! I can't believe how quickly time is passing by. February, a month filled with flowers, hearts, teddy bears, millions of cards and other trinkets to be gifted in recognition and as a reminder to show that special someone we truly care. Oh yes! and hey it's still engagement season. It's guaranteed that there will be happy couples floating on cloud nine in a few weeks.

You're Engaged! So what now? Outside of hiring a wedding planner (aka Unique Events of Hampton Roads) you need a wedding theme? Yes- I know it could be as simple as just choosing your favorite colors, but there's so much more! Where's the flair? Where's the uniqueness? This is a once in a lifetime event where you invite your closest friends and family to celebrate a one day affair. Shouldn't it be customized to you and your fiancé's personality? Shouldn't it scream this is who we are and we want you to come into our 'love bubble' for the day?

I love events of all kinds and they all have a theme, especially if I'm hosting. But when it comes to weddings, it's extremely personal, and in my humble opinion it should be unique. It reminds me of a recent consultation call I had with a very cute, and very inspiring couple. During our consultation- I asked, "What is the them of your wedding?" They excitedly replied, 'it's going to be a Masquerade Ball!" Can I tell you how excited I was- I mean, I wanted to jump up and down, but had to maintain my composure because No. 1, I was on a video call and No. 2 I didn't want to look like a crazy excited lunatic on our first encounter.

I mean can you envision it? The bride & groom and their entire wedding party in masquerade masks? Ok it might not be as dramatic as the picture on the left, but just picture it. The bold beautiful colors, pops of gold, the excitement of the event, the wonder, the beauty, the magic! to me I envision a royal event! Forgive me-I may have been stuck in this quarantined lifestyle too long, but I am UBER excited about the possibilities of this wedding. Fingers crossed.

Maybe you can't envision this amazingness because its not your style and that's ok? At Unique Events of Hampton Roads, we cater to your style, your event, your own uniqueness. It's ultimately about what you want and while my team and I simply love a simply, classic wedding and the beauty it brings, we simply go ga-ga over the events that are 'not the norm' the events that are 'out of the box', the innovative events, where imagination and creativity brings something a little different to a well known, and highly attended event. And when I say highly attended I mean as in the quantity of people. Ideally most people only attend a handful weddings before the age of 30.

So you're getting married, now what? You have a venue or two in mind, you know your colors (you've known them nearly your entire life) you have yet to call Unique Events of Hampton Roads, but before you contact them, you tell yourself I want to have a theme in mind...(yes, we will ask). Here's a few themes I've executed for some of my clients and some I hope to in the near future:

  • Travel

  • Love

  • Bohemian

  • Rustic

  • Southern Charm

  • Tropical

  • Music

  • Movies

  • Romantic

  • Whimsical

  • Modern

  • Chic

  • Christmas/Holiday

  • Vintage (one of my favs)

  • Colors (selfishly waiting for my rose gold inspired couple- it's my favorite color!) pick 2 main colors and a 3rd to highlight.

By chance does any of the themes above spark your interest? Once you've settled on one that fits your style, then it's time to elaborate on the theme. Expand the idea and put little drops and hints into each aspect of your wedding, from the entrance table, to the ceremony, reception, gift table, even the bar area! Create a story for your BIG DAY! You're going to spend thousands of dollars on a one-day event (shouldn't it be as magical as you have always wanted it? but within budget). This is why I love what I do. I get to rejuvenate my creative juices with my clients and help them create a magical event! Something they'll remember for the rest of their lives- a day they will never forget. The happiness in my 'couples' eyes during their event brings me the most joy. I can't begin to tell you. After months of months of hard work to finally see what we have created being brought to life. Or, if they simply hired me as a day of coordinator to see the joy of a perfectly executed event.

I could go on and on, but wanted to share because this particular couple inspired me to write this blog. If you lack creativity and need some inspiration-I hope this helps just a little bit and if you need additional help- then please don't hesitate and contact us today. We'll help you write that 1-day magical story for your guests to remember if you're willing.

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